Market Research Student [Volunteer / Intern]

Help LUCA Grow!

LUCA is looking to partner with a keen student or group of students to help support our market research activities. We're looking for someone who is curious and resourceful to be able to help us sift through data, reports and trends.

This role is for someone who is looking to get their foot in the door at an early-stage startup with the opportunity to grow.

LUCA is a collective intelligence startup based out of Montreal. We are committed to helping power decision making in a variety of fields with our goal to overcome cognitive biases and be less wrong. We primarily work remotely and get together for key sessions when it dictates.

About the Role

We are currently cluing up our inaugural NFL Contest where we have been supporting sports fans with novel forms of collective intelligence and building out our overall app, algorithms and dashboards. As well, we have been connecting with investors, accelerator and incubators about their decision making needs.

To support our market research we are looking for a student to analyze the following:

* Sports Betting and Gambling trends in North America & Globally;

* Research investment decision making which takes places at accelerators and incubators in Canada;

* Analyze existing marketing channels and make recommendations on avenues and strategies;

* Analyze legislation related to contests, sweepstakes and other prizes

* Research sportsbook databases;

* Evaluate startup investment decision making and trend analysis;

This role may be split up amongst a team of students, depending on profile and mandates.

About You

You are an undergrad, MBA or otherwise passionate student looking for a new opportunity to add to your portfolio.

You have a strong knowledge of online markets and trends with a keen ability to access high-end research from leading thinkers in the market.

You have the ability to connect with decision makers and get novel insights from them and have an ability to quickly develop rapport with people.

Most of all, you are consistent, reliable and a strong team player. You know that there is no one right answer and that leveraging everyone's insights is the most powerful way to achieve success.

Why join LUCA

We're at an inflection point in our growth and have the opportunity to evolve rapidly. Given our ability to execute remotely, while making the power of in-person meetings when we get them, you can feel confident you are joining a team that can help advance your career goals, while contributing to the success of the company.

We are a young team with diverse backgrounds always eager to connect, share and grow with our collaborators.

This opportunity will be what you make it, starting out as a volunteer role with the opportunity to evolve into a paid internship & more!

How to Apply

Right here on Angel List, email info @ or connect with David on LinkedIn.

Learn more at

We aim to fulfill this mandate during Winter 2020.