We're Hiring

CTO / Co-Founder

LUCA Theory is looking to partner with a talented full-stack developer to help accelerate our growth trajectory. We're looking for someone who has a deep understanding of all aspects of technology development, is keen on getting their hands dirty on development, while managing teams and projects.

This role is for someone who is looking to build, battle, and to create something amazing and beautiful while making long lasting relationships with their colleagues and community. We are looking for a candidate who wishes to change the world in however small of a way through innovative technologies that shall leave a legacy and the world in a better place.

LUCA Theory is a collective intelligence startup based out of Montreal. We are committed to helping power decision making in a variety of fields with our goal to overcome cognitive biases and be less wrong. We balance both the power of in-person collaboration and remote work to execute our mandates.

About the Role

We are currently expanding our development efforts, with a primary focus on supporting sports fans with novel forms of collective intelligence and building out our overall app, algorithms and dashboards. As well, we have been connecting with investors, accelerator and incubators to enhance their decision making.

To support our technology growth we are looking for a developer to contribute to the following:

* Analyze our overall technology stack and support roadmap development;

* Fullstack development including mobile and & web applications;

* Dashboard and Algorithm development which leverage the latest in data science and artificial intelligence;

* UX/UI design and execution;

* Development of user profiles and associated database management, including Single Sign On;

* Execute digital wallet infrastructure and integrations, such as PayPal

This role may commence as a short-term consulting contract and evolve into the full Co-Founder/CTO position.

About You

You are a quick learner with a passion for start-ups, entrepreneurship and overall technology growth.

You have a strong knowledge base of a variety of coding languages, with an ever evolving portfolio of successful projects.

You may be an early career developer, potentially still a student at the Masters/Ph.D level, or a seasoned developer looking for a fresh challenge.

You have the ability to work collaboratively with technical and non-technical people, convey ideas and also execute projects while playing a variety of different roles.

Most of all, you are consistent, reliable and a strong team player. You know that there is no one right answer and that leveraging everyone's insights is the most powerful way to achieve success.

Why join LUCA

We're at an inflection point in our growth and have the opportunity to evolve rapidly. Given our ability to execute remotely, while making the power of in-person meetings, you can feel confident you are joining a team that can help advance your career goals, while contributing to the success of the company.

We are a young team with diverse backgrounds always eager to connect, share and grow with our collaborators.

This opportunity will be what you make it, with the potential for a long-term collaboration, including getting an equity stake!

How to Apply

Right here on Angel List, email info @ lucatheory.com or connect with David on LinkedIn.

Learn more at www.lucatheory.com

We aim to begin this collaboration by Q2-2021.